Resin Countertops

The Point - Five Points, Raleigh, North Carolina
Bar Top Reclaimation

Modern resin bar top applications create durable, high-sheen finishes for flat surfaces.  Optically clear resins enhance the natural beauty of wood grain or anything encapsulated beneath the finished surface.

Terrafin Station - Quail Corner's, Raleigh, NC

Terrafin Station's second location required an update to finishes.  Resin bar topping was chosen to add a high-gloss finish, utilizing aluminum edging to match with the color pallette chosen for the renovated space.

Rewind Bar, Six Forks Road, Raleigh, North Carolina

Rewind Bar's classic rock lps are embedded in clear resin with a brass back bar rail.  High sheen and rock hard, the resin tops can be sanded and buffed out even after the most catastrophic abuse.

State of Beer

Raleigh Architecture Company designed this bottle shop space for the owners of Busy Bee Cafe and Trophy Brewing, using bowling alley recycled flooring for the bar top.  Because it wasn't designed with a front drink rail or rear trough rail, resin had to be layered on in 6 successive coats to reach the desired level of smooth transparency. Photo credits - Raymond Goodman (

Bistro Table, private commission

Fine art, collectibles, wine labels, newspaper clippings, bottle caps - anything 2D or shallow 3D can be encapsulated in quality resin, creating a durable countertop.

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